Review: What Would Mary Berry Do? by Claire Sandy

I read this book like Hazel in ‘The Fault in Our Stars‘ fell in love: slowly, and then all at once. If truth be told, it took me a little over a month just to read the first half of this book. But then a few days ago I picked it up and I didn’t put it down until I’d read 200 pages. Sometimes you just have to experience a book in one fell swoop.

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You won’t ever guess why I picked up this book! As they say, you should never judge a book by its cover… and that is exactly what I did. How mouthwatering does that dripping pile of goodness look? Slurp! I am unable to resist books with food and dessert as the main theme (‘Chocolat’ by Joanne Harris, anyone?), so of course this one drew me to it like a cat’s claws are drawn to new stockings. It was like meeting my soulmate, only in this case my soulmate was a book cover. A damn delicious book cover!

What Would Mary Berry Do

Following the refreshingly honest Marie Dunwoody and her family, What Would Mary Berry Do? is an authentic and amusing story about family, friendship and burned bundt cakes. As things goes, baking is not on Marie’s repertoire, but after failing miserably to produce a showstopper for the school fete she decides to embrace baking and everything that comes with it. With Mary Berry’s Baking Bible by her side, Marie takes on the daunting new world that is baking. Kept to the fire by her imagined nemesis, Lucy, and her always stunning baked goods, Marie is determined to master the art of producing a showstopper; a task that isn’t as easy as it might seem.

Life isn’t as easy as many Hollywood movies might cause you to think; life will throw you lemons when you have your arms filled with heavy grocery bags. As perfectly portrayed by the ups and downs of the Dunwoody’s, this book is a delight to read if you just need a casual every day life novel. It never gets too dark or tragic, but is kept in a very light and enjoyable tone.

I loved the many personalities of this book. There are so many characters to love: the very much (if not too much) herself, Aileen, dental assistant; the mischievous, sneaky, and quite genius twins, Iris and Rose; the ever so lovely Lucy across the street. I especially liked Lucy’s storyline, which gives the book that little drama that one might long for a bit.

If I had to put my finger on one thing that this book was missing, it would be more cakes. In over 400 pages, I would have enjoyed more time with Marie in the kitchen, and less in the dental clinic. But taking everything into account, it was an amusing and quite sincere story and I would definitely recommend it as a light summer’s read.

So, this was my first ever book review. Phew, harder to write than you would think! Did I do it justice? Did it even make sense? Was there an important review-detail that I totally missed? Don’t hesitate to let me know! I am new in this blogger-world so every little response helps me a long way!


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