What is that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s probably just my hat that the wind stole. And if you listen very carefully you can hear me snorting and panting in the distance to catch it… Yeah, I didn’t believe that one either. I will probably just have given up in hope that someone will catch it for me, ’cause running in heels – or just running in general – isn’t my cup of tea. Tea, on the other side, is very much my cup of tea! I could drink that shit in buckets.

So, this was supposed to give you an idea of what my blog is about. Did it do the job? Nah, okay, I’ll try again:

My name is Elisabeth and I live in Denmark. English is my second language, so if my grammar is poop or my vocabulary seem a little… thin, that’s why. I would have written this blog in Danish but I love to keep my English skills alive and practice it as often as possible. I know that my language won’t be as vivid as it would be in Danish but hey, I’m getting there! And isn’t it so much more fun for people outside of Denmark to read about the Danish cuisine than it is for Danes? I very much think so!

So there you have it, a food blog by a Dane, for the outside to read and enjoy (I hope!)!


This is my favorite bit! Tell me what'ya think!

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